He leido hoy en la web madrid me mata parte del artículo de The New York Times en el que se indica las expresiones fundamentales para desenvolverse por Madrid que no enseñan en las academias. Lo más gracioso es la traducción fonética:

  • Guay (gwhy) Cool
  • Cojonudo (ko-ho-NOO-doh) Better than cool
  • Me mola (may MO-la) Love it!
  • Alucino (ah-lu-THEE-no) Can’t believe it!
  • Paso (PAH-so) Couldn’t care less
  • Juerguista (hwer-GHEE-stah) Party animal
  • Cutre (KOO-tray) Seedy, lacking class. Sometimes used affectionately, as in, “Sometimes the most cutre places serve the best tapas.”
  • Ligar (lee-GAR) To pick up someone
  • Hortera (or-TER-ah) Flashy, tacky, kitschy
  • Fashion (FASH-yohn) Trendy, obsessed with the latest. Used as an adjective, not necessarily related to clothing, as in, “The people who hang out in Chueca are really fashion.”
  • Gente guapa (HEN-tay GWA-pah) Beautiful people
  • Pijo (PEE-ho) A posh and conservative type, as in, “That party at the golf club was crawling with pijos.”